RJ Scott the gay romance alter ego of Rozenn Scott

RJ Scott is the gay romance alter ego of Rozenn Scott. RJ is a best selling author of over ninety best selling books and writes cowboys, millionaire, princes, and the men who get mixed up in their lives.

She is known for the fact that every single one of her books has a happy ever after.

All book descriptions, buy links, reviews and excerpts can be found on RJ's website - rjscott.co.uk  

Like stories of bodyguards? Try Bodyguards Inc

Like Cowboys and blackmailed-into-marriage stories? Try the Texas series.

Like secretive organisations looking after people in need? Try RJ's Sanctuary series

Like Navy SEALS and Marines? Try RJ's Heroes series, or Sanctuary

Like Christmas stories? Try The Christmas Throwaway, an award winning look at what it's like for one young man being thrown on the streets on Christmas Eve. Or how about New York Christmas or a twist on the Santa family?

All buy links, reviews, and excerpts can be found on RJ's website:

Gay Romance with a Happy Ever After

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