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Interview with Kele Moon & Laurann Dohner

Thanks to Kele Moon and Laurann Dohner for stopping by to answer a few questions, their first collaboration, Claimed (Nightwind Pack #1) is out today.

You’ve been good friends for a long time, what made you finally decide to write a book together?

Kele: It’s been something we’ve discussed for years and years and years. We wanted to see our names together on a book and honestly, this is terrible to say, but neither of us play well with others as far as writing goes. We’re both very blunt people, and sometimes other authors don’t deal well with that. So if we wanted to do a collaborative project, we were pretty much each other’s only hope. Of course, I shouldn’t say that. Laurann is much more agreeable than I am, but blunt, make no mistake about that. I’m the one who is difficult and territorial and she’s the one who puts up with me. HEH! Laurann is one of the few people I could have a book baby with because we know each other and our writing styles so well.

It was time. Kele…